• Now Offering the Best Keyboard Solution

    We are proud to announce two new additions to Noisebox Studios.  The Kawai VPC1 and the KeyLab 61.  These Keyboards will replace our old existing keyboard with more specialized control.

    Now Offering the Best Keyboard Solution
  • Free Consultation

    We have recorded hundreds of artists and bands from Pop artists (Brittney Snyder, Nik Day, Kimberly Connors) to Rock artists (Brumby, The Brocks, Our Dilemma, The Whits) to Country (Kindle Creek, Brenau), and all genres in between. Come in for a free consultation to find out what we can do for you.

    Free Consultation
  • Do You Have Questions About Recording?

    Are you confused about the recording process?  We work with bands and artists with all different levels of experience.  Click on the picture to read about the recording process and what to expect.

    Do You Have Questions About Recording?
  • Want to take lessons?

    We offer lessons based on recording, mixing, production, Pro Tools, synthesizer lessons.  We realize that many of you may have already recorded your music and are looking to step up the quality of your music. We can teach you how to step up your recordings by using the same techniques we use at our studio. You decide how often you want to meet and what you want to learn.  Lessons follow our hourly rate.

    Want to take lessons?
  • How is Noisebox Studios Different?

    We are not your average recording studio. We give you 4 reasons why our studio is the best choice for your next project. More Info here.

    How is Noisebox Studios Different?
  • Pro Tools HD

    We are proud to be using the industry standard, Pro Tools HD.  We currently run on a powerful HD3 Accel system on a Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Quad core computer.

    Pro Tools HD

Noisebox Studios is located in Provo Utah by the airport just minutes away from I-15.  Noisebox Studios has been designed to be the best recording solution for Artists, Bands, Voice Overs, Songwriters, Composers, Media Productions, Audio Restoration and more….

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We have received numerous comments from music professionals about the “commercial quality” of our music.  That simply wouldn’t happen without top notch recordings.  Dave is an extremely talented musician and engineer.  He has an uncanny ability to guide you through the process and help you capture your very best.  And we love his chairs. –Bryce Jensen, Kindle Creek

“Noisebox studios was by far the best, friendliest, and most technologically superior studio I have ever worked with. Dave adds his creative touch which happened to never contradict or interfere with the vision I had for my music. The atmosphere is comfortable, the rates great, the final product awesome! I would, and have, recommended noisebox studios to anyone willing to take their musical creations to the next level and immortalize them on CD. You’ll love working with Dave Zimmerman at noisebox studios.”–Matt Critchfield, Counterfeit Digits

“When people ask me where I record I always recommend noisebox studios, the quality is outstanding and the environment is so comfortable!”–Jesse Hart

I always enjoy my time recording at Noisebox Studios. The product and quality of my songs always turn out amazing. Every time I write a new song I have a vision of what I would like it to sound like, and recording here never fails to bring that vision alive.–Kimberly Connors

“The quality is superb! The studio is very professional and extremely efficient. Dave is extremely friendly with the best equipment. He’s fully equipped with all the newest technology, and is proficient in musical terms and theory. It’s a very warm atmosphere, which is something I didn’t get at another more expensive studio. Recording at Noisebox was the best experience I have EVER had at a studio. I only hope more people realize how great Noisebox is! Thank you Noisebox”…”Your studio rocks so hard!!! […] YOU’RE THE BEST STUDIO EVER”–Steve Nunez, TMBE